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Welcome to BizSafe Communications


At BizSafe Communications, we offer an ideal and cost-effective approach to emergency communications.

​Our BizSafe Assure solution means that you can provide your employees and staff with real-time information during an emergency situation.  Assure also provides you with the ability to communicate while your primary systems are offline enabling you to connect with your teams to facilitate recovery of normal business operations.


​During a emergency, you need to ensure that you can connect with your employees, partners and community, confirming the safety and security of your team and providing real time updates on issues as they unfold.  It's communication when it matters most.

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We develop emergency communications software and solutions to meet Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery needs. 

BizSafe Assure provides a safe and secure multi-channel platform for all your emergency communications needs. 

BizSafe Communications is your all-in-one emergency communications provider. From our lead application, BizSafe Assure to consultancy, hosting and implementation services, we have the solutions you need to prepare for potential service interruptions.

Our team has extensive experience managing mission critical applications. With a comprehensive background in enterprise applications, we can assist you with your most challenging needs.

We work with the best in the business. Our services and partnerships with global leaders mean you can rest assured that if disaster strikes, your organization will have the ability to communicate with your employees, partners and community when it matters most.

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